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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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TSSJS Vegas 2010 Round-Up

Speaking at TSSJS Vegas this year was great. I got to do four talks - my Java EE 6 overview, a Resin demo, a CanDI/CDI demo as well as a talk on the JCP. The Resin talk was one of the keynotes for TSSJS. All talks were well attended and the crowd was great.

People seemed genuinely interested in Java EE 6, the Web Profile, CDI and Resin. I got a ton of questions for Q&A, one-on-one afterwards as well as at the Caucho booth. Folks were particularly interested in some of the CDI/EJB 3.1 features as well as the Resin portable extensions for JUnit, iBATIS, Quartz, using EJB annotations on managed beans, etc. A good number of people asked for the example code both for the CanDI and Resin demo talks (both demos have been posted on the Caucho site already).

I personally enjoyed taking about the importance of open participation in the JCP although it was a relatively short and non-technical talk. Attendees at the talk asked some very intelligent questions and showed a great deal of engagement/interest, which was very heartening. I also got to talk to a few EJB 3 in Action readers as well as TSS readers, which is always fantastic.


I did a CDI talk at the NYC JUG on January 26. The crowd was great as I had expected from talking at the JUG in the past. It was great to see JUG leader and friend Dario doing a fantastic job of constantly growing this JUG from it's humble beginnings. I look forward to speaking at the JUG again soon, perhaps on Resin or OSGi/Java modularity.

Speaking at TSSJS Europe, 2009

On October 27-28, I spoke at TSSJS Europe 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. I did an EJB 3.1 Preview as well as my Spring/EJB 3 integration talk. Both talks went well and were well-attended. The attendance for TSSJS Europe itself seemed to be a little on the low-end - hopefully that will change as the EU economy slowly recovers.

While in Prague, I was invited to talk to the NetBeans team led by Petr Jiricka. We exchanged ideas on adding better support for JSF 2, JPA 2, CDI and EJB 3.1 for NetBeans. After talking with the NetBeans team, I finally gave NetBeans an honest spin and was very impressed by it compared to the IDE I have been using for a few years. Indeed, I am now using NetBeans quite happily, although I am yet to try out the latest version of IDEA to see how it compares.

Speaking at Java2Days, Bulgaria

On October 8-9, 2009 I spoke at Java2Days in Sofia, Bulgaria. I got to do four different talks - my Java EE 6 Overview, an EJB 3.1 Preview, my EJB 3/Spring integration talk as well as my JPA/database performance optimization talk. The crowd was great and it was great to try and reach out to Java developers in Eastern Europe. This was the first time this conference was organized and I think it was truly a success. Just in terms of attendance, they surpassed some of the US based conferences, not to mention the enthusiasm level of the attendees.

The Bulgarians, including organizers Emo, Eva and Yoana were excellent hosts. Bulgaria truly is a rapidly flourishing country with a long, proud history, a vibrant multicultural community and a rich, colorful cultural tapestry. I look forward to speaking at Java2Days and Eastern Europe in general in the future. It was most definitely both a privilege and an honor to speak in a gem of a country emerging from behind the Iron Curtain.

It was also great to spend some time with my fellow co-presenters and friends Josh Long, Talip Ozturk, John Willis, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Rob Harrop of SpringSource, Heath Kesler and Andrew Lombardi.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Speaking at JBossWorld

I spoke at JBossWorld last month. I gave my personal favorite Java EE 6/Spring framework comparison/contrast talk. The crowd at JBossWorld was fantastic and I got to talk to some EJB 3 in Action readers. I really love this talk because it gives me a chance to cover in-depth what I see in the two mainstream Java server-side stacks that I care about. In particular, I had a more philosophical bend on this talk that goes to the heart of each stack as opposed just a superficial talk about mechanical features. I hope to give this talk again soon and really liked how it panned out this time, despite the chronic SpringSource objections to this talk and complaints that it's somehow "unfair" to them.

Such is how some people think I guess and that's a real shame. Not everything in life is about cynical pursuits, selling something or making money (in fact I can only imagine how hollow and meaningless that might feel). It is sometimes possible to set ones selfish interests aside and analyze for the sake of pure inquiry to try to find the truth about something one cares about. I think that is when we are all at our very best as scientists, engineers, craftsmen and artists...that's our craft at its very best, not at its cynical worst.

At any rate, besides the conference it was great to hang out with the usual suspects at JBoss - Dan Allen, Emmanuel Bernard, Bill Burke, Jay Balunas, etc. It was also great to finally meet Pete Muir, the head honcho for Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE (JSR 299) reference implementation from JBoss. I thought he was a first-class engineer and a true gentleman.

JavaOne Round Up

Speaking at JavaOne was great.

Considering it was my first time it went great, even the collaborative ones with Debu and David that requires a little bit of juggling. I talked to a whole bunch of people from all over the globe, including my good friend Dan Allen of Seam in Action, Ken Saks (EJB 3.1 and GlassFish lead), Mike Keith (EJB 3.0 lead), Linda DeMichael (JPA 2, EJB 3.0 lead), Adam Bien (fellow EG member of EJB3.1/Java EE 6, Java champion), Emmanuel Bernard (Bean Validation lead) and so many others. David blogged about it a little here on our EJB 3.0 embedded containers talk. San Fran itself was great...I found quite a few places to hang out in the evening and listen to some hard edged music :-). China town was great too...

While I was out there, I also spoke at the San Francisco JUG. I did my Spring/EJB 3 integration talk and shared talks with Talip Ozturk of Hazelcast. The talk went great and the crowd was great. Shaun Abram, the fellow independent consultant that invited me there blogged about the talk here. Vinay Nag blogged about it too here. Thanks guys!!

While I was at JavaOne, I also talked to Steve Montal, Scott Ferguson and Emil Ong about working on the EJB 3.1 Lite container of Resin for it's impending Java EE 6 Web Profile certification next year (finally!!). Emil attended my SF JUG talk too and gave me very good feedback. The Resin guys rock! Caucho rocks and we're sure to make some waves in server-side Java together in the next year :-).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Speaking at JavaOne 2009

Your humble author is very proud and excited to declare that he will be speaking at two sessions for JavaOne 2009! One of them is a technical session while the other is a birds-of-a-feather. The technical session is the JPA/database performance tuning talk I recently gave at the Harrisburg JUG. I am co-presenting the session with EJB 3 in Action lead author Debu Panda from Oracle. The birds-of-a-feather session is on the uses of embedded EJB 3 containers. I am co-presenting with David Blevins of Apache OpenEJB for this session. Apache OpenEJB is one of the originators of the EJB 3 embedded container concept being standardized in EJB 3.1. I will also try to be part of the EJB 3.1 and Java EE 6 "meet the experts" sessions that are very likely for JavaOne this year.

If you are attending JavaOne 2009, please do consider attending the sessions. I would love to chat with you. I and Debu will also try to schedule a JavaOne book signing via Manning. Remember, the lull of a recession is a great time to update skills and make new connections, not to mention taking a brief break in San Francisco away from work.

Speaking at TheServerSide Java Symposeum

I am very excited to say that I will be speaking at TheServerSide Java Symposium in March at Las Vegas. Over the past few months, I've developed a close relationship with the folks at TSS having written my EJB 3.1 Preview Series and Java EE 6 Preview article. I hope to be even more involved in online communities like TSS, JavaLobby and JavaRanch going forward.

I will be speaking on Spring/EJB 3 integration. This is the same talk I gave at the Connecticut JUG conference last year. Although I know a few folks that have done this kind of integration, the talk would be a great way for me to gauge community interest in this topic as a precursor to getting more engaged with an initiative for EJB 3.1 Lite native support on the Spring framework. I have been talking to the SpringSource folks about it and hope that the effort might be sponsored/supported by these folks. I am also giving a more informal "fire-side chat" on Java EE 6.

If you are attending the conference, please do consider coming to the sessions. I would love to chat with you on either topic or anything else you might want to talk about. Remember, the lull of a recession is a great time to update skills and make new connections, not to mention taking a brief break in Las Vegas away from work.

Spring JPA Support Talk at the Charleston JUG

On February 26th, I went back to the Charleston, SC JUG to fill in for a speaker that dropped out at the last minute. JUG leader Jason McDonald requested that I talk about Spring's support for JPA (material we cover in the last chapter of EJB 3 in Action - "EJB 3 and Spring"; the talk updates the content to cover Spring 2.5). The code for the very hands-on presentation should be posted on the JUG's website soon.

Jason let me know that the JUG needs more people involved in a leadership role since he is really being strained to manage the JUG on top of his already hectic schedule. If you live near the Charleston area, please consider getting in touch with Jason. The Charleston JUG is actually very well funded and organized thanks to Jason's efforts and can fully sponsor speakers from across the country. It also has a great host in BenefitFocus (a major tech vendor for one of my Philadelphia based clients). Given the small number of JUGs in the South, it would be a shame to not see this one reach its full potential. I certainly enjoyed speaking there and would go back there again.

I also encourage you to become a member of the JUG and help it grow if you are a local Java developer. JUGs are a great vehicle for developing grassroots Java communities, not to mention for keeping up-to-date in a fast-paced industry and for developing life-long friendships with fellow developers.

JPA/Database Tuning Talk at the Harrisburg JUG

On February 19th, I did one of my most favorite talks at the Harrisburg JUG. Titled "Keeping a Relational Perspective for Optimizing JPA", the talk is about some of the database centric performance tuning techniques I've utilized for JPA (and the persistence tier in general) over the years. I am very glad I finally found a JUG interested in this relatively advanced talk!

As usual, the Harrisburg crowd was great and I'm proud to say I once worked in the central PA area. Indeed, it seems to be one of the few areas in PA that seems to be enjoying vibrant economic growth, despite national trends recently.

Java EE 6 Preview at the NYC JUG

On January 26th, I went back to the NYC JUG to give a preview of Java EE 6. Despite the unmistakable market crash in the NYC area, turnout was very good and folks seemed relatively upbeat.

I went out for Dinner with JUG leader Dario and some of the other JUG members after the talk. The NYC JUG is always a pleasure because of the quality and dynamism of the crowd. I look forward to going back there soon after I get some of the things that have been on my plate done (like updating the EJB 3 in Action code samples for JBoss 5 and GlassFish v2 as well as writing IDE setup instructions for Eclipse/NetBeans that a lot of readers have been asking us for).

Java EE 6 Preview at the NoVA JUG

I did my Java EE 6 preview talk at the NoVA JUG on January 8th. It was really great to see that the JUG has grown significantly since I spoke there last. The feedback from this crucial metropolitan area was great and the talk was very interactive.

My good friend Dan Allen, the author of Seam in Action showed up for the meeting and did a great job explaining some of the JSR 299 (aka WebBeans, aka Java Contexts and Dependency Injection) functionality. I was a little sad to hear that he has abandoned the independent consulting path in favor of joining the JBoss team. He is now very active with JSR 299 and appears to be getting ready to write JCDI in Action via Manning. I wish him the best of the luck on the book. I think he did a great job on Seam in Action.

Monday, November 10, 2008

EJB 3.1 Talk at the NYC JUG

I gave a preview of EJB 3.1 at the NYC JUG on the 6th of November. I have to say this was one of the best speaking experiences I've had in a while. True to the intent of the talk, the crowd was very interactive and asked a number of excellent questions. The feedback on the EJB 3.1 changes was very positive and there were a number of EJB 3 in Action readers there. It was clear this was a crowd of people with a much deeper level of professionalism than the run-of-the-mill "just a paycheck" types. It was great to see and I look forward to my next talk for the JUG on Java EE 6!

EJB 3 Primer at the Charleston JUG

On October 28th, I traveled all the way south to beautiful Charleston, SC to give a slightly belated EJB 3 primer! JUG leader Jason McDonald is trying hard to grow the fledgling Charleston JUG. The turnout was less than what we were expecting, but it was a pleasure to speak to the small group nonetheless.

Since this was my first time in the "deep south" I didn't quite know what to expect. As it turns out, the folks in Charleston are true to the image of southern hospitality. And Charleston really is "the last bastion of southern charm and elegance". I definitely look forward to speaking in Charleston again and wish the JUG the best of luck.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Java EE 6 and EJB 3/Spring 2.5 Integration Talks in Connecticut

On October 21st, the CT JUG lead by Ryan Cuprak helds its first ever Java Conference. The conference was a very good success and I think met an important need for the large number of Java developers in the greater Connecticut area.

I gave my Java EE 6 preview talk, as well as my brand new talk about integrating EJB 3 and Spring 2.5. Both talks were very well received and the EJB 3/Spring 2.5 integration talk generated a lot of lively discussion. Since the talk, a number of people asked for the source code for the very hand-on talk. It is downloadable from the CT JUG website here.

There were a number of other excellent talks given at the conference. Doug Clark from Oracle spoke on Coherence support for their open source JPA implementations (TopLink, EclipseLink) and Rossen Stoyanchev from SpringSource talked about Spring 2.5 as well as 3.0. JUG leader Ryan Cuprak himself gave a Seam talk to a full-house crowd.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Ideas for the Second Edition of EJB 3 in Action

We are deeply grateful to our readership for making EJB 3 in Action the kind of success that has exceeded all of our expectations. This is especially true considering widespread EJB 2 bashing, the maturity of EJB as a pioneer middleware technology and the authors' relative humble roots.

We are now in the very early stages of planning the second edition and could really use your help. The second edition is slated to cover the emerging EJB 3.1, WebBeans 1.0 and JPA 2.0 specifications. We plan on adding content on testing as well as covering the EJB integration features in Spring 2.5. Beyond this content, what else would you like to see in a second edition EJB 3 book? More best practices? Performance tuning? Product/vendor selection help? Others?

Should we continue to treat EJB 3/Java EE 5 beginners as first-class citizens? Is a real-world example driven format compelling to you? Is there a need for us to become more of a reference book? Should we cover ground that's less traveled or continue to focus on crystallizing key concepts and covering features most likely to be used in realistic EJB 3 projects?

Please do feel welcome in sending me comments at My co-authors -- Debu Panda (debupanda at gmail dot com) and Rob Di Marco (robdimarco at gmail dot com) would love to hear your ideas as well.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Java EE 6 Preview at the Philadelphia JUG

On September 30th, I gave my Java EE 6 preview talk at the Philly JUG. Run by Dave Fecak of JSync, the Philly JUG is one of the most successful ones in the world. The attendance was very good and so was the level of discussion, specially considering the size of the JUG. There was a lot of excitement around Java EE 6 and I got a lot of positive feedback on the talk itself. I am hoping a number of folks will send their comments directly to the EG by emailing I spoke at the Philly JUG about a year ago on Spring and EJB 3. It was a pleasure giving that talk as well.

It's also always great to work with Dave. He has done an amazing job keeping the community engaged and growing the JUG.

Java EE 6 Preview at the Harrisburg JUG

On September 18, I gave a preview of Java EE 6 at the Harrisburg JUG. The level of participation in this JUG is always great to see, especially since this is my old turf. I spoke about there about a year ago on EJB 3 and Spring. I am speaking there again in January about optimizing relational databases for JPA. It was truly encouraging to receive a lot of good feedback on the Java EE 6 APIs.

Java EE 6 Preview at the Princeton JUG

On September 8, I gave my Java EE 6 preview presentation at the nearby Princeton JUG. The attendance was great and so was the participation levels. Folks were very excited about all the APIs in Java EE 6 and provided a lot of positive feedback. Java champion, JDJ editor and JUG leader Yakov Fain blogged about the presentation here.

I have always enjoyed speaking with Yakov. He is a true Java veteran who always has well balanced insight into what is going on in the Java world. I look forward to speaking at the Princeton JUG again soon.

The Developer Conference, Sao Paulo Brazil

On July 25-26, I spoke at The Developer Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I presented on both Java EE 6 and EJB 3.1. Both talks were very well received and there was a very good level of participation. Burr Sutter from JBoss and Ed Burns from Sun also spoke at the conference. It is one of the largest Java centric conferences in Brazil, run by a great company named GlobalCode.

This was my first time to Brazil. It is truly a very warm, hospitable and lively country. It is clearly also a global IT powerhouse with a strong Java community. I received a lot of positive feedback on EJB 3, Java EE 5 as well as Seam. Not surprisingly, there was also a great deal of excitement around EJB 3.1, WebBeans and Java EE 6. I hope I will continue to hear from the Java EE community in Brazil.

We recently published the Portuguese version of EJB 3 in Action and from all accounts, the translation seems to be doing very well. I signed quite a few copies and talked to readers in person in the conference bookstore.
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